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Product name: Refined n-hexane

Molecular formula:

Molecular weight: 86117
Performance index:
Item Index Unit
Odor No odor  
Density 0.664±0.004 20°C, g/cm3
Boiling range Initial boiling point<5%> 66 °C
Dry point<95%> 66-70.2
Bromine index 5.63 MaBr/100g
Benzene <40 PPM
Nonvolatile matter 0.3 Mg/100ml
Color +30  
Sulphur content <0.5 PPM
Uses: The product is mainly used as solvent, for example as extracting agent in pharmaceutical industry, extractant for edible vegetable oil, solvent for rubber and coating, diluent for pigment, etc.
Packing: Zinc drum, net weight 140kg/drum.