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Product name: o-dichlorobenzene

Molecular formula:

Molecular weight: 147.01
Structural formula:
Performance index:
Item Index
Superior First class Qualified
o-dichlorobenzene % ≥99 ≥98 ≥90
Low-boiling-point substance % ≤0.5 ≤0.5 ≤0.8
m-/p-chlorobenzene ≤0.4 ≤1.4 ≤9.0
Moisture % ≤0.1 ≤0.1 ≤0.2
Appearance Colorless or light yellow clear liquid
Uses: As solvent in producing dibromoaldehyde, for long-acting sulfonamide; as anti-rust agent, degreasant; in dye industry, it can be used in producing vat blue CLB and vat blue CLG; diluent, cooling agent, and heat exchange medium for epoxy resin.
Packing: Packing: zinc drum, net weight 250kg.